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Carpark for changing "Sonthofener Straße"

Pilot project "Oberstdorf clear of cars"




Carpark for changing "Sonthofener Straße"

The project consists of a carpark for day trippers at the rim of the village with the intention to go by bus to the centre.

Details of execution:

Road with layers of asphaltcar places with concrete lawn bricksdraining of rainwater with silt chambers and infiltration ditches. Integration in the landscape by indigenous trees

capacity: ca. 400 car places
construction costs: ca. € 1.650.000

Services of our office

  • planning for government approval and execution,
  • public tender procedure,
  • construction supervision

Granting BSVI-award 1998Theme: Connection of traffic systems

Assessment of the jury:
Successful realisation of calming the traffic and to guide the personal transport to the carpark.