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Development of the residential area „Auf der Halde“, Thalkirchdorf – Wiedemannsdorf

Community Oberstaufen, District Oberallgäu





In the village Wiedemannsdorf the residential area “Auf der Halde” consists of a space of 3 ha, planned are there 33 estates.

The following component parts are necessary:

  • feeder roads, length ca. 540 m, breath of the roads ca. 5,0 m
  • water supply pipes 830 m, GGG 100sewage pipes 620 m, PP 250
  • rain water pipes 820 m, SB 300 – 500
  • rain water retention basin for slope water, volume ca. 200 m³

Further special qualities:

Retention of the roof water from the estates with combined retention and storage chambers with controlled releasing to the supply network by a swim choke.

Services of our office:

  • Planning for government approval 2004 / 2005
  • Whole construction costs:  ca. € 2.100.000