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Flood protection Görisried

Community Görisried, District Ostallgäu




Development of the project

After flood events in the years 2002, 2005 and 2007 a conception for a flood control and retention for the village Görisried was developed. Afterwards the preliminary design was carried out.

Essential components of the project

2 river dams

Hornbach: 290.000 m³ storage volume, 13.2 m storage level

Waldbach: 240.000 m³ storage volume, 8.5 m storage level

That way the flood discharge in the village will be reduced about 42 %.

Time for planning: 2007/2009

Construction costs:  € 4.300.000

Services of our office

  • development of a conception
  • survey of the river Waldbach
  • length 1.3 km flood modelling of river Waldbach
  • preliminary design