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“The natural water circulation
  Wagneritz GmbH”




Purification plant Wagneritz 350 EWCommunity Rettenberg, District Oberallgäu

The nature loving citizen of the village Wagneritz asked for a waste water disposal with separate sewerages for waste water and
 rainwater on the base of a natural water
 circulation. The system – design came from Mr. Ingenieur Michael Maier, Kammlach.
We made the transfer design and the implementation planning for the realisation of the construction.

The plant exists of the following parts:

The plant exists of the following parts:

mechanical rake and settling basin 150 m³
3 plant beds 1.790 m²
1 pool for clarification 200 m²
1 bed in change mud to earth 180 m²
Operating building

execution time: 1999/2000
construction costs: € 280.000

Services of our office

  • planning for government approval
 and execution
  • public tendery procedure
  • construction supervision