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Sewage system of the valley Trettach

Community Oberstdorf, District Oberallgäu





Since 1994 we implemented in 8 of 12 settlements of the 7-km-long valley a draining system with pipelines with gravity sewer and pressure-water-piping.In the next years the last settlement “Spielmannsau” will be connect to the system.The waste water is drained off to the central purification plant of the “sewage association Upper Iller”.

Following tasks were executed till now:

  • 11.000 m waste water pipeline DN 65 till DN 250 of HDPE and GGG
  • 700 m double channel pipes 180/280 HDPE in a area with ground water protection
  • 3 pumping station
  • 1 flush station

execution time:1994 till now

construction costs:  € 2.800.000

Services of our office

  • planning for government approval and execution
  • public tender procedure
  • construction supervision